La Laveria di Riso

Built: 1914

Abandoned: 1982

Visited: 2010

Gorno, Italy

This is a washery that belongs to a lead and zinc mine in Italy. Here, the stones taken from the mines, were crushed, grinded and the useful metals were extracted by water and acids. It handled 90.000 kilo stone every day. Work was hard in the washery. A day had 12 working hours, reduced to 10 hours off season. Men had a break of one hour, woman and children under 15 got a half hour extra.

Later the washery got safer for employees and for the environment. In 1942 the mine and washery became state property. In 1982 the mines and this washery was closed down. The site is protected, but in a very bad state.

Photos La Laveria di Riso

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