Istituto Padri Giuseppini


‘Istituto Padri Giuseppini’ is an abandoned catholic boarding school in Trino, a small village in Piedmont, Italy.

The boarding school was built by the Congregation of Saint Joseph. This community was founded in Turin in 1873 by Priest Leonardo Murialdo. Saint Joseph, the humble craftsman of Nazareth and above all the educator of Jesus, was chosen as the patron. Leonardo Murialdo devote himself to the Christian education of poor, orphaned or abandoned young people. For this reason among others the Trino boarding school was built in 1909.

Inside the Institute we found a small tombstone dated 29 June 1958, in memory of Marcella Colombati. Overall the building is in a derelict state, for example floors are rotten and walls are crumbling down. Also, more recent excavations ruined the chapel floor. Although, the frescos in the chapel are still undamaged.

I took these photos of ‘Istituto Padri Giuseppini’ in 2010 during my Italian roadtrip in the Milan region. At the present time the school is still abandoned, there are no future plans for the building.

Built 1909
Abandoned ?
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