Maison Hommel


‘Maison Hommel’ is an abandoned house in a small village in Luxembourg. It was abandoned in 2005 and eventually reconverted in 2016.

This house just outside a beautiful Luxembourg village was for many years the home of the Muller family; a widow and her three children. The family had a small farm which consisted of both a small house and two barns. Eventually, after the kids moved out and the lady of the house died, it became uninhabited.

During my visit, the roof was already partly collapsed and the floors in a bad state. In fact, during my visit, the house could be demolished by the weather any moment. But in 2016 the house was sold and renovated. These photos of ‘Maison Hommel’ were taken in 2013. Check also these other abandoned location in Luxembourg, a hotel, power station and farm.

Built 1900s
Abandoned 2005
Reconverted 2016