Maison Kirsch


‘Maison Kirsch’ is an abandoned farm house in Luxembourg. The farm was built in 1791 and eventually abandoned in 1965.

This old derelict farm house has been empty since the mid-60s. The house has been left to decay for at least two decades. It is strange to see so much furniture inside after these years of abandonment. In the barn there used to be an old distillery. The owner made its own cherry liqueur, hence the urbex name of Maison Kirsch. During my visit, I found many wine bottles and preserving jars with fruits in the barn.

There are piles of books, papers, and a solid wooden desk. There was even an old phone book from 1981. The family were devoted Catholics. Both framed images of Jesus and a crucifix were prominently present in the bedrooms.

The owner is still alive, he moved out, but he never sold the house. Meanwhile, it’s left to decay. I visited the derelict farm house in 2013. Follow this link for more abandoned farms.

Built 1791
Abandoned 1965
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