Korsetten- en lingeriefabriek DéWé

Built: 1946

Abandoned: 1998

Visited: 2008

Schellebelle, Belgium

The Korsetten- en lingeriefabriek DéWé was a producer for quality ladies underwear. With brands like Perle and Bugatti they were a known name in Europe. The firm started in 1897 with the name AW, named after Achiel De Waele, the founder. The name is changed to DW after the sons of Achiel took over the business in 1903. The next years the factory grew, new workshops were added to the factory. During the First World War the factory was closed. Just after the Second World War the old buildings were demolished to built a brand new modern factory. These buildings were abandoned in 1998, after 101 years of producing lingerie.

Photos Korsetten- en lingeriefabriek DéWé

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