Laiterie Du Nord


This abandoned dairy factory was built in Erpeldange-Diekirch during the year 1957 as ‘Laiterie Du Nord’. Later it merged to form ‘Luxlait’. The factory was eventually closed in 2007.

Luxembourg had 180 milk factories in the 1930s. But after the Second World War, the number of dairies decreased, reaching the number of five in 1960. In 1978 the last three companies merge. ‘Laiterie du Nord’ or ‘LaDuNo’ merges with both ‘Central Luxembourgeoise du Lait’ and ‘Luxlait’ to establish the ‘Luxlait Association Agricole’. Meanwhile, in 1980 the old ‘LaDuNo’ factory refocuses on butter production.

Relocation to Roost

Eventually, the former dairy factory in Erpeldange-Diekirch was shut down in 2007 and moved to a brand-new building. The new factory is located on a 10 hectare state-of-the-art milk processing plant, located in Roost, near the town of Bissen. The old factory property is for sale, but will probably be demolished soon. Luxlait is still an active company, it produces under its own and other brand names. More than 300 employees work on the site itself, processing approximately 160 million liters per year into by-products.

These photos of LaDuNo were taken in 2013 during my Luxembourg road trip. Follow this link for more abandoned food related factories in Europe.

Built 1900s
Abandoned 2005