Stavelot, Belgium

Built in 1959

Abandoned in 2011

Visited on 09 2017

In 1957 the source for this bottled water was discovered by an industrialist from Verviers. Not much later they built a bottle plant nextdoor the villa Duk’Eau was born. In 1980 the plant bottled 18.000 bottles a day. The plant was sold to Iranian businessmen Abbas Bayat, then president of Sporting Charleroi and owner of another five beverage plants.

Collapsed roof

During a cold winter in 2011, the plant collapsed under the thick layer of snow. The roof was not built to carry the weight. There was no compensation from his insurance. The building became abandoned, and in 2016 Abbas Bayat is declatred bankrupt. The collapsed Duk’eau factory is being demolished in 2018. It will be be replaced by a factory of luxury sockets and switches.

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