La Pequeña Granja


La Pequeña Granja is an abandoned wine farm located on a small gravel road near Colmenar de Oreja, close to Madrid, Spain. I was used as a wine and olive oil farm.

Mainly vineyards and olives are grown in Colmenar de Oreja. The cultivation of olive trees and the production of olive oil here dates back to Roman times, when the town was known as Apis Aureliae. In 1750 there were 105 oil mills. In 1891 there were only 10 left in active production, which is now reduced to one. There are nine wineries left in the village.

A big ‘for sale’ sign was painted on the small wine farm, but the site is already for a big part destroyed by nature. Its future appears bleak, as demolition seems inevitable. I had the opportunity to explore La Pequeña Granja back in 2012.

Built ?
Abandoned ?