Elisabeth Sanatorium


The buildings of this old ‘Elisabeth Sanatorium’ were built in a forest between 1912 and 1914. The building was abandoned after the German reunification and is at the present time in a bad state today.

The sanatorium was founded by the Jewish doctor Walter Freimuth and his wife Elisabeth. The building served as a lung clinic.

The founding Freimuth family had to flee Germany after the Nazi regime rose to its power. But the treatment of tuberculosis patients went on until 1952, when the buildings were given a new purpose. It became a treatment center specialized in both skin and lymphatic system disorders.

Eventually, in 1967 it was transformed to a skin clinic. About 25 sisters and a dozen doctors treated 90 patients. The outbuildings served as an office building and also as housing for employees. During the late 1980s, the site was upgraded for the more modern needs. But not much later, in 1994, the hospital closed its doors for good. In 2005 the building gets a protected status. However, this protection is not that valuable, after the new highway was built. As a result, the hospital is in the middle of a junction, closed in by a triangle of roads. These photos of the ‘Elisabeth Sanatorium’ were taken in 2012. Follow this link for more abandoned sanatoria.

Built 1912
Abandoned 1994
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