Manoir de Cointe


‘Manoir de Cointe also nicknamed ‘Manoir des Plantes’ is situated in Cointe, a district of the Belgian city of Liège. It was abandoned after a fire destroyed the top floor and roof.

In the 70s of the 19th century, Cointe was built privately by wealthy industrialists. First as a park, later big villas were built here. This mansion, built in the early twentieth century, is in fact one of the impressive buildings in this rich neighborhood in Liège.

On July 8, 2016, the firefighters of Liège were called for a fire in this beautiful mansion. The fire in the villa started due to a short circuit in an electrical installation of an illegal cannabis farm with 500 plants. The building was home to a family with young children. Consequently, the family had to leave the mansion after the fire destroyed the complete upper floor. Of course, the insurance company did not cover these illegal activities. Because the roof was completely burned away, the villa did not have any protection against the weather. As a result, the building was in a bad state during my visit.

Eventually, in the summer of 2018 the ‘Manoir de Cointe’ was renovated by new owners. The mansion was sold for 368 thousand euros. Repair works are estimated on 800 thousand euros. I took the photos in 2017. See more reports about abandoned houses here.

Built 1902
Abandoned 2016
Reconverted 2019
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