Huize Hulshout


‘Huize Hulshout’ became abandoned after there was a huge fire at the upper floor. The attic completely burned down, leaving the rest of the house covered in ashes and extinguishing water. A 99-year-old woman owned the house.

She bought the house in 1952 together with her husband. The husband was a farmer, he sadly died in 1989. Ever since, the farmers’ wife was living alone.

Luckily, she was not alone at the time of the fire. For household chores, the woman received daily help from a nurse. This nurse could rescue her from the flames. What exactly caused the fire is still unclear. The upper floor of the building was no longer used and was therefore no longer in the best condition. These photos of ‘Huize Hulshout’ were taken in 2017. Click here for more abandoned houses.

Built 1935
Abandoned 2014
Demolished 2019
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