Huize Hulshout


Huize Hulshout is an abandoned house in Belgium with a tragic past. This once beautiful home became deserted after a devastating fire on the upper floor.

The house belonged to a 99-year-old woman. She bought Huize Hulshout with her husband in 1952. Her husband was a farmer who sadly passed away in 1989. After his death, the woman lived alone in the house. The attic completely burned down, leaving the rest of the house covered in ashes and water from the firefighters.

Thankfully, she was not alone during the fire. A nurse, who helped her with daily chores, was present and managed to rescue her from the flames. The cause of the fire remains a mystery. The upper floor was no longer in use and was in poor condition, which may have contributed to the blaze.

The charred remains of the upper floor and the damage throughout the house tell a story of loss and survival. Today, the plants are dead, and the wallpaper is getting loose, peeling away from the walls. The clothes, that were washed the day before the fire, are still drying on the line.

These photos of the abandoned house were taken in 2017. Despite its tragic past, Huize Hulshout remains a fascinating subject for photographers. Click here for more abandoned houses.

Built 1935
Abandoned 2014
Demolished 2019
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