S.A. Tissage de la Liève d’Eecloo

Built: 1902

Abandoned: 1996

Demolished: 2006

Visited: 2006

Eeklo, Oost-Vlaanderen, Belgium

Covina was founded 1902 as a steam-cotton and wool spinning mill and weaving factory. It was originally named ‘S.A. Tissage de la Liève d’Eecloo’. In 1917 the family of industrials Van Damme took over the factory. In the 1920s new buildings were added and the factory was renamed Covina.


New halls were added to the site in 1933 and in 1949. In 1947 the company employed about 750 people. A new spinning mill was built after the demolition of the old one by architect Rottiers. The mill was enlarged in 1951. More recent expansion gave the factory its current look, the buildings were mainly built in 1961 and the beginning of the 1970s. Only a few walls of the original buildings remain.


The textile mill was taken over by UTO, short for ‘Usines Textiles d’Oudenaarde’ in the 1990’s. A re-organization to compete with the Asian textile industry put an end to Covina. The production stopped from one day to the next. The buildings were partly demolished in 2006 to create space for new houses. The medieval canal ‘het Kaaiken’, which circulated for several decades under the factory buildings, was cleared, sanitized and integrated into a park. Only one part of the former factory has been preserved.

Photos of Covina Eeklo

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