Filature Nouvelle Orléans

Built: 1896

Abandoned: 1996

Visited: 2006

Gent, Oost-Vlaanderen, Belgium

In 1896, Cotonnière Nouvelle Orléans was founded; the cotton mill had work for 9000 employees. The company continued growing until the glory days of the textile industry in Gent were over. In 1957 Cotonnière Nouvelle Orléans fused with De Waele & Röthlisberger to form a new company: Filature Nouvelle Orléans. In 1972, FNO was bought by UCO, and in 1990 it was closed down. The machinery was transmitted to other UCO-departments or resold. Some of the employees got jobs in other UCO-factories or were fired.


The buildings were then used by the company Barco for a few years until they moved out in 1996. The only thing that remains is a classified Manchester building and some ruined office buildings. In 1996 the fire brigade of the city built a new fire station on the site of FNO. For the classified building are no future plans yet.

Photos of Filature Nouvelle Orléans

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