Blauwselfabriek Jacob Avis

Built: 1701

Abandoned: 2005

Demolitioned: 2006

Visited: 2006

Westzaan, Noord-Holland, The Netherlands

This factory was first mentioned in 1701. The first factory is a mill propelled by horses. The special blue paint colored the mill and horses blue, because of the dust that was released by the production. This is how the factory was given its nickname ‘De Blauwe Hengst’ or in English, ‘The Blue Stallion’. The factory produced the blue paint from cobalt minerals. The colour is produced by grinding the minerals to dust. They produced product like litmus, cadbear and potash.


In 1833 they build a factory beside the mill to enlarge the production. The mill stays in service but is driven by a steam engine instead of horses. In 1848 the mill is demolished and replaced by a paper mill from Assendelft. This second mill was in use until 1907, they rebuild it in Oudekerk aan de Amstel later that year. Now, 300 years later we’re in the factory documenting its last week. Most of the factory is already turned to dust. Al what’s left is blue concrete. The colour turns the concrete structure into something beautiful. The sun lights up the colour and make it shine. During the demolition they found 10 millstones in the ground, the last ode to the Blue Stallion from Westzaan.

Photos of Blauwselfabriek Jacob Avis

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