Brasserie Bavery


The ‘Brasserie Bavery’ brewery in Couillet started producing beer in 1940. Charles Van Nueten, an architect from Brussels designed this building.

The buildings were owned by brewer Albert-François Bavery, hence the brand name BAF. The brewery offered a wide range of products, for example BAF, Super Bavery and the famous Abbaye d’Aulne which was originally brewed at Couillet.

The beers were brewed until 1979 when the brewery was forced to close due to the crisis. 

Eventually the production of the BAF and Abbaye d’Aulne beer was taken over by the De Smedt brewery in Opwijk. They brewed BAF until the 1990s. Since 2000 Abbaye d’Aulne is brewed in Brasserie du Val de Sambre, located near the ruins of the Aulne abbey in Gozée. Today De Smedt is still active under the name Affligem. I visited ‘Brasserie Bavery’ in 2009. Today the building is an airsoft location. Follow this link for more abandoned breweries in Europe.

Built 1940
Abandoned 1979
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