Villa Masserano

An abandoned villa in

Built in the mid-1800s, Villa Masserano stands out with its unique design inspired by Japan. The interior boasts stunning frescoes in nearly every room. These paintings tell stories of distant lands, featuring old sailing ships, beautiful floral designs, and dream-like symbols. An anonymous local artist created these works, adding to the villa’s mystery.

The Past and Present

Originally owned by a wealthy banking family, the villa was once surrounded by vineyards. During the Second World War, the family sought refuge here to escape the bombings in Turin. After the war, it became a beloved holiday home for generations. Although it gradually became empty, the villa was never forgotten.

A Wine Lover’s Haven

This region of Piedmont is famous for wine production. Villa Masserano was no exception, producing excellent wine in its heyday. The vineyard setting adds to the villa’s allure.

Today, the building is for sale, awaiting a new chapter. Its rich history and beautiful setting make it a perfect project for someone looking to restore a piece of Italian heritage. Villa Masserano is a fascinating blend of Italian history and Japanese-inspired design. The house offers a unique glimpse into the past. I visited the villa in 2021.

Built 1850
Abandoned 1990s
For sale