Ciné Studio Leuven


‘Ciné Studio’ is an old film theater in the center of the Belgium city Leuven. It was closed just after a big movie complex was opened in the same city.

Once a vibrant hub for film enthusiasts, the Studio Filmtheaters, owned by the renowned Rastelli family, introduced the Leuven cinema Studio to eager audiences in 1968. What began as a single-screen venue evolved over the years into two cinema complexes, each boasting multiple screening rooms.

For over four decades, the cinema garnered praise for its commitment to showcasing high-quality cinema. Known for its curated selection of popular and cult films, the Studio cinema became a cornerstone of Leuven’s cultural scene. It even hosted its own celebrated film festival, drawing cinephiles from far and wide.

However, the curtains closed for the last time on January 3, 2010. Despite its storied past, the cinema succumbed to the changing tides of time and industry. Yet, its legacy endured beyond its final screening, as passionate individuals sought to revive its spirit. Shortly after its closure, the vacant cinema became a canvas for urban exploration, attracting those intrigued by its silent corridors and forgotten tales.

Sadly, the fate of the Studio cinema was sealed in October 2012, when it was sold and subsequently demolished. In its place now stand student residences, a testament to the evolving landscape of Leuven. I made these photos of ‘Ciné Studio’ in 2011. Follow this link for more abandoned theaters.

Built 1968
Abandoned 2010
Demolished 2013
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