Ciné Studio Leuven


‘Ciné Studio’ is an old film theater in the center of the Belgium city Leuven. It was closed just after a big movie complex was opened in the same city.

Studio Filmtheaters, a company from the Rastelli family, owned the theater. The Leuven cinema Studio opened in 1968. Over the years, the location grew into two cinema complexes, each with several rooms.

For years, the cinema had a good reputation because of its attention to the better film. More than 40 years this theater featured popular and cult movies. It even had its own film festival. The last movie was shown on January 3, 2010. Just after closing it was squatted by people who wanted to open the cinema again.

Also the another Studio complex in Leuven, as well as the cinema in Diest closed its doors. The cinema was sold in October 2012. They demolished the buildings to built student houses. I made these photos of ‘Ciné Studio’ in 2011. Follow this link for more abandoned theaters.

Built 1968
Abandoned 2010
Demolished 2013
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