Stoomtreinen Baasrode

Visited: 2007

On this junkyard for old trains in Baasrode were many steam locomotives and carriages. They are rotting away and waiting for restoration by some volunteers. The carriage are from the GCI type (Grande Capacite Intercommunicatie). These carriages have compartments with 6 seats and two doors. Later aisles were added to connect the compartments, this was done because the train employees had to walk outside the train on a small gangway on the old versions. In 1966 these carriages were replaced by L carriages with two doors at the sides.


The most impressive vehicle in Baasrode was an 1846 steam loc. The Henschell was active at a German steel plant and later in a mine and cokes factory. From 1990 until 1997 the loc was used for museum rides, but due to some defects the train is now out of use for more than 10 years. The other locomotives are some smaller industrial trains, most of them in a bad shape.

Photos Stoomtreinen Baasrode

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