Maria Ziekenhuis


In 1930 a group of nuns started this hospital in a big house in the centre of the city Neerpelt. The small ‘Maria Ziekenhuis’ had only 9 beds and surgeons from surrounding cities came here to help the patients. 

The first surgeon of this hospital was hired in 1945 and it didn’t took long before the house was already too small. In 1950 the hospital moved to a new building with a capacity of 130 beds. The hospital was expanded 13 years later with a new wing with a children department of 40 beds and 13 private rooms. The hospital closed in 2005 after a merger with another local hospital. I took these photos of the ‘Maria Ziekenhuis’ or ‘HH1’ in 2007.

Built 1900
Abandoned 1992
Demolished 2010
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