Soviet Train ТГК2-6400

An abandoned TRAIN in

This abandoned Soviet train, type ТГК2, was built in 1982 for the Khimprom Chemical Plant in Kirovakan. After the fall of the Soviet Union, the plant closed and the train was put to rest in a small shed.

The Khimprom plant, established in 1929, is the city’s first enterprise. In 1987, the factory has its final year of intense activity. During 1991 the production came to a stop, the train was no longer necessary and became redundant. Eventually, the ТГК2-6400 diesel locomotive was put to rest in a small shed outside the city.

Kaluga Machine Building Plant

The ТГК2 or, TGK2, is a large-scale Soviet two-axle shunting and industrial diesel locomotive with hydraulic transmission. It was built at the Kaluga Machine Building Plant. The history of this plant dates back to 1874 and is still active today. During the 1930s, the plant specialized in the production of railcars, motor locomotives for industrial enterprises, steam rollers for road construction, mobile compressor and power stations.

The production of these diesel locomotives continued until 1992. The TGK2M, a modernized version of the diesel locomotive was producedFrom 1992, until 2009.

The Ural Diesel Engine Plant in Sverdlovsk produces the six-cylinder four-stroke U1D6-250TK diesel engine. This engine has a rated power of 250 hp and a maximum speed of 60 km/h. The diesel locomotive features light and sound alarms, a pre-start heater for diesel engine systems during cold weather, pneumatically driven sandboxes, and heating and ventilation in the driver’s cabin.

Number 6400

All trains of this type were numbered, this train, with number 6400 was built in 1982. The ТГК2-6422 for example was active at the Chernobyl Power Plant. More than 9100 trains were produced of this type between 1960 and 2008.

I visited the Soviet Train ТГК2-6400 during my Armenian urbex trip in 2023.

Built 1982
Abandoned 1991
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