Ferienhotel Vereinigte Energiewerke


Ferienhotel Vereinigte Energiewerke is an abandoned hotel, restaurant, and swimming pool. The derelict buildings are abandoned for several years and slowly nature is taking over.

Vereinigte Energiewerke was a German energy supply company based in Berlin. At the end of 1990, the company employed around 23,000 people, ten years later there were still 5,400. The company offered employees a nice vacation in the forests surrounding the city Sayda in Saxony. 

The hotel has two buildings. Along the road is the oldest one, the old cultural center of the town. It housed a restaurant, theater, and some hotel rooms. Later a new building was added to the site. Inside we found a swimming pool and many hotel rooms.

I visited the hotel and pool in the summer of 2020. Follow this link for more abandoned hotels.

Built 1900s
Abandoned 1999
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