Sanatorium Teupitz

Built: 1910

Abandoned: 1994

Visited: 2012 + 2016

Teupitz, Germany

In 1910 they built this sanatorium to treat the tuberculosis epidemic. Eventually the work of the dedicated tuberculosis doctors brought the disease under control and the epidemic passed. The sanatoria in Germany became more and more unnecessary and abandoned. Something had to be done with the many buildings which were standing empty. This sanatorium was pointed out for reutilisation as a psychiatric hospital.

In 1914 war clouds gathered over Europe and the institution became a military hospital. After the First World War the buildings were reverted to the use as a psychiatric hospital again.


During the Second World War, the old sanatorium again served as a military hospital. After the war, the occupying Russian forces continued to use the buildings as a mental hospital. It retained that purpose right up until their final departure from Germany in 1994, several years after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Today the site stands abandoned but a modern psychiatric institution was built on the land adjacent to the old sanatorium. The buildings will be demolished.

Photos Sanatorium Teupitz

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