Loges Physiotherapieschule


This is ‘Loges Physiotherapieschule’ an old University for Physiotherapy in the spa town of Bad Harzburg. The building got abandoned when the school moved to a more modern accommodation.

The building in the Harz was built in 1864 as ‘Hotel Ludwigslust’. The school moved in after the Second World War.

There were four Loges schools, all of which are closed. The first ones were founded in 1925 by Carl Bernhard Loges (1887-1958) in Hanover. They called themselves ‘Loges-Schools for Movement Art’. Loges was a German sports and gymnastics teacher and a pioneer of female gymnastics through rhythmic gymnastics. In 1987, his schools were recognized as state schools for physiotherapy.

In 2006 the school moved to another hotel in the same town. The building became abandoned. The lack of maintenance, and a leaking roof, made this school a dangerous place to visit. The wooden floors are rotten. Downstairs the classrooms are in a better shape, with a dozen massage chairs, school desks and a grand piano. It was listed as a historical monument, but everybody was afraid the building would collapse. Therefore, the district Goslar agreed to a demolition. I visited the ‘Loges Physiotherapieschule’ in 2014. The building was demolished in 2019.

Built ?
Abandoned 2006
Demolished 2019
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