Audytorium Wydziału Chemii


This is the auditorium of the Faculty of Chemistry in Wrocław. The ‘Audytorium Wydziału Chemii’ was built in post-war Poland. It’s a real pearl of the modernist architecture from the Polish People’s Republic. The building was built in 1970. The auditorium has been closed since 2007.

The auditorium of the University of Wrocław was designed as part of a land development competition. The competition was eventually won by the architects Krystyna and Marian Barscy. Its interior contains countless architectural details, for example the arrangement of light bulbs, radiator covers, door handles and the hooks in the cloakroom. In fact, these details reflect the character and uniqueness of this place, even years after its closing. The building has two lecture halls, both located on the upper floor, intended for 238 and 121 students.

Unfortunately the building was closed due to high maintenance costs, it is also not adapted to the modern standard. For example, heating the rooms was still done with industrial electric blowers. In 2012, the auditorium was finally entered in the register of monuments, as one of the few post-war objects. Recently, funds are raised to safe it from demolition. Despite the abandonment, the two-story building is in a good condition. I visited the ‘Audytorium Wydziału Chemii’ in 2019.

Thanks to Marek

Built 1970
Abandoned 2007
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