Huis van Bewaring Schutterswei

Built: 1884

Abandoned: 2013

Visited: 2017

Alkmaar, The Netherlands

This old prison in Alkmaarderhout was used as a small penitentiary institute with 26 cells since 1884. In 1889 it was decided to extend the complex to 104 cells. The expansion was taken into use in 1893. In the years the prison grew to 122 detainees. Because there were on average only 40 prisoners, the government decided to close prison in 1928. But due to cell shortage, the prison opened again in 1937 after a few adjustments. The complex was called ‘cellulaire gevangenis De Hout’ in the first decades of existence. In 1950, the name ‘Huis van Bewaring Schutterswei’ is first mentioned in the archives.


In 1975 the complex was completely renovated. Workshops and a gym with shower facilities wre build and some cells were converted into living rooms. After that, the complex received a new sort prisoner; male adults on a long-term sentence with a limited regime.

In the early nineties, the establishment was intended for illegal immigrants with criminal antecedents, usually from other EU countries, who were awaiting their eviction. There were plans to close and demolish Schutterswei because of the outdated state. However, due to severe cell shortage, the prison was reappointed as a prison again in 1993.


In 2009 the government decided to close Huis van Bewaring Schutterswei in 2012. Finally it happened in 2013. Until the end of 2016 the site was regularly used as a film location for the SBS6 series ‘Celblok H’. In 2017 the buildings were sold to a developer who want to convert the prison into a -prison themed- hotel.

Photos Huis van Bewaring Schutterswei

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