Hotel Jägerstein


‘Hotel Jägerstein’ was an abandoned tourist hotel in Oberhof, Germany. It was focussed on winter sport enthousiasts. In recent years, big, modern hotels were built in Oberhof. As a result the old ones got abandoned.

This hotel has not been abandoned for long. It looks like it could open anytime. The beds are made, the restaurant is ready, even the soap bars are lying in the bathrooms. But everything is covered under a layer of dust, the hotel closed some years ago and has never been opened. Next door was the annex of the hotel, Pension Villa Nix. It was run by the Zeitlin family. It had an attic not touched since DDR-times. Soviet flags and other propaganda are silent reminders. A house of Sports was set up in Villa Nix after 1945.

In December 2007, the hotel Jägerstein became news after a bomb threat. The cause of the threat was a meeting of young neo-Nazis inside the hotel. However, the loyalty of the Nazis to the hotel could not save it. In 2008 the hotel and villa were closed, finally in 2016 the buildings were demolished. I visited the hotel in 2011. Follow this link for more abandoned hotels.

Built ?
Abandoned 2008
Demolished 2016
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