Built: 1949

Abandoned: 2003

Demolished: 2012

Visited: 2005 + 2010

Dadizele, Belgium

It made a small village famous, a big amusement park for kids, Dadipark in Dadizele. It started October 1949 by priest Deweert under the name Daiselpark. “Where the kids are king” was the slogan of this playfield. The park was closed in 2003, and not much later the field is taken over by nature and the attractions are starting to rust. One of the main reasons for closure was the bad security for the kids, that became clearly in the year 2000 when a child lost his arm on a toy jet.

In 2011 the city announced that the park will be demolished. After more than 60 years the place is gone.

Photos Dadipark

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