Casa do Camião


Casa do Camião’ is an abandoned farm house in the North of Portugal. The house is rotting away and has an uncertain future.

This old abandoned farm house is built on a hill, surrounded by vineyards and olive trees. The family that owned the farm sold the land to an agricultural cooperative. That is why the land is still used for farming, but the farm house and barns are abandoned and in a bad state. Although, some sheds are still in use as storage.

The floors of the big house are dangerous, with many holes and weak spots. Walking inside is risky. The plaster on the walls is falling down, creating a dusty and eerie atmosphere. Moss grows in many places inside, making the air damp and musty.

One surprising sight in the farm is an old billiard table in the main hall. In the yard we found an old truck. The truck was used for transporting the fruit to the market. It stands as a reminder of happier times when people used to play and laugh here. Now, it is covered in dust and surrounded by broken furniture. During our exploration, we also found a small and abandoned chapel next to the farm. The chapel is also in a very bad state.

The owner has no future plans for the buildings. These photos of Casa do Camião were taken in 2017 on my second Portugal trip. You can see more abandoned househere.

Built 1900
Abandoned 1992