Kirner Hartsteinwerke Albert Pfeiffer


The ‘Kirner Hartsteinwerke Albert Pfeiffer’ started extracting volcanic andesit rock here, in this open-pit mine around 1900. The products were mainly used for road construction.

These photos are taken in a small abandoned quarry. It was part of a bigger quarry, situated just on the other side of the mountain. There they dg for quartz and amethyst. Today this quarry employees around 120 people. It will be active until 2040. Another 40 meters of this mountain with a depth of 100 meters will be excavated the next few years. I visited the ‘Kirner Hartsteinwerke Albert Pfeiffer’ in 2011. Today, the rusty remains are gone.

Built 1900s
Abandoned 2005
Demolished 2018
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