Zucker- und Tabakfabrik Glauzig

An abandoned factory in

In 1847 a beet sugar factory with a refinery was founded in Glauzig. The beets came from the surrounding area. In April 1872 the sugar factory was converted into a stock corporation with a capital of 4.5 million marks. The factory burned down in 1885 but was rebuilt with tripled capacity.

The sugar factory also took over 2,367 acres of arable land, also lease agreements were made so that a total of 7200 acres (1838 ha) were available for cultivation.

In 1914 the Glauzig sugar factory was connected to the railway network. In 1923 the sugar factory was expanded further. The sugar factories in Trotha and Klepzig were taken over. As a result, the production rose to 40 thousand quintals per day.

After the end of the Second World War in 1946 its machinery was dismantled and sent to the Soviet Union as war reparations, then the sugar factory was converted into a tobacco fermentation plant by the state-owned VEB Tabakfabrik. In 1950, VEB Rohtabak took over the factory. In 1980 parts of the factory in Glauzig were renovated.

During 1990 tobacco processing came to an end. Although small businesses use its outbuildings, the larger buildings lie unused. A few years ago, the largest tower at the top was blown up because of the risk of collapse. I visited the VEB Rohtabak, Werk Glauzig in 2020.

Built 1900
Abandoned 1992
Demolished 2010
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