Built: 1910

Abandoned: 1995

Visited: 2007

Duisburg, Germany

This huge Sinter factory is abandoned many years ago when the Duisburg steel industry stopped. Sintering is a method for making objects from powder, by heating the material until its particles adhere to each other. The whole plant is covered in the dark brown dust. The final product are pellets, a sort of small brittle balls, which are added to the ore in the blast furnace. Sintering plants are a result of the process optimization, which made blast furnaces in the course of the years more productive and environmental better.


The site was used industrially since 1910 for dumping slag. The Sinteranlage site is built in 1955. It was expanded twice in its first decade of operation and employed about 100 workers. This sinter plant is close to the old blast furnaces of the Duisburg area. 4.000 tons of sinter was produced daily. A total of 100 employees ensured smooth production in three shifts. 36 locksmiths and 15 electricians were used for maintenance.


The steel mills sold the plant during an international steel crisis in 1983 to a slag processing company, which closed in 1995. While some of the machines are already gone, the big machines are still inside. Rusty stairs take us many floors up and give us great views over the plant. On the outside we met some security guys who didn’t take their job very serious, we waved and continued our explore. Several copper thieves we met inside took their ‘job’ more serious. Everything valuable and interesting is gone today.

Photos Sinteranlage Duisburg

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