Papier- und Kartonfabrik Smurfit

Built: 1763

Abandoned: 2002

Demolished: 2008

Visited: 2007

Inden, Germany

This paperfactory in Inden has a long history. On the same spot where we visited this abandoned factory, paper was produced since 1537. A wooden mill produced paper, according to the local chronicles. Carl Heinrich Engel started his paper mill in 1763. The mill had 14 employees and energy was made by a waterwheel by the river Inde. The first steam machine was installed in 1838 together with a new paper machine. During the following years the small mill grows into a small factory. Straw from the local agriculture was the raw material for the paper and cardboard production for a long time.


From 1919 the detergent company Henkel took over the factory to produce cardboard to package their own products. The factory was expanded; several new buildings were added to the old mill. The production grew to 40 ton of paper a day in 1935. In 1948 150 employees were working in the factory. Papier- und Kartonfabrik Smurfit was closed in 2002 because of the open-cast mine for brown coal. The river was dried up and the land was excavated. During our visit, the abandoned factory was in the middle of nowhere. Parts of it were still in use by the brown coal company. The site was demolished in 2008.

Photos of Papier- und Kartonfabrik Smurfit

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