Münchs Gasthof


Münchs Gasthof is an abandoned Inn with a beautiful theater in a small town in Germany. The building has collapsed and is a ruin today.

The old building is situated in the village Gauernitz an der Elbe, in the district of Meissen in Saxony. It used to be a hotel providing overnight lodging for travelers, but there was also a theater for dancing, theater and music. But also for political parties, schools and other clubs. The buildings were abandoned after the German unification in 1991.

The old theater has pastel colored ceiling, what makes it a photogenic room. The other spaces are gray and empty. The old Inn is not a protected monument, so it will probably be demolished one day. The roof already collapsed. I visited the abandoned Inn in 2019. Follow this link for more derelict theaters and restaurants.

Built 1900s
Abandoned 1992
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