Built: 1900

Abandoned: 2000

Reconverted: 2012

Visited: 2009

Hembrug, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

In 1900 this ammunition factory moved from Delft to this site, it was named after the close-by bridge ‘Hembrug’. The factory was bought by the Dutch Government in 1912 and employed 1.200 people at that time. During the First World War the factory had almost 8.500 people working. After the war the future was uncertain, the employees were brought back to 2.000.

During the Second World War the factory was almost bombed to prevent German occupation of the factory. The place was not bombed and the German army took over the ammunition production. After the war the factory restarted, but instead of ammunition it produced agricultural machinery and other metal products. Part of the factory is still active under the name Eurometaal. The abandoned part is haevilly poluted and out of use.

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Photos Hembrug

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