Gaststube Brückenschenke


The Gaststube Brückenschenke in Mittelsachsen is a hotel, restaurant, and theater. The plastered building with hipped roof is of architectural significance. Unfortunately, the building is in a ruinous state today.

The restaurant was built in 1886. Its main function was a restaurant with hotel, it was also used as a bar. After working hours, various recreational events, like disco dances, took place here. The site closed short after the German reunification. Today the guesthouse is in a bad condition. The roof has partly collapsed, and the wooden floors are rotting away. The municipality wants to buy the building, its goal is to demolish it.

I visited the Gaststube Brückenschenke in 2019. See more beautiful DDR-theaters here.

Built 1886
Abandoned 1992
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