Hallenfreibad Südpark


Explore ‘Hallenfreibad Südpark’, an abandoned swimming facility featuring both indoor and outdoor pools. Nestled within the heart of Höntrop, a once-vibrant swimming pool complex stands as a silent witness to the passage of time.   Its faded tiles and echoing chambers tell a tale of community, change, and resilience. The destiny of this complex remains uncertain.

The Höntrop Hallenfreibad was more than just a place to swim; it was a hub of activity for families, friends, and fitness enthusiasts. With three indoor pools—a large swimming pool, a play pool, and a children’s pool—it catered to everyone’s aquatic desires. But beyond its walls lay an even more intriguing feature: a 50-meter-long outdoor pool crowned by a daring 10-meter-high diving platform. This unique combination made the complex a cherished destination for generations.

The Waters Recede

The pool was closed in 2012 during the transformation into a sports-friendly leisure pool. Part of it should be converted into a non-swimming area. The diving pool and diving tower will remain part of the facility. Also, a beach volleyball court and a children’s play area are planned.

A Community’s Cry

The transformation was swift, but not without controversy. The city approved the new pool concept without public participation, sparking protests from locals. They rallied to preserve the swimming pool, their voices echoing off the empty tiles. Amidst the turmoil, the association “Freundinnen und Freunde des Hallenfreibads Höntrop” emerged—a group of passionate advocates. Their petition to save the complex garnered nearly 9,000 supporters, a testament to the pool’s enduring significance.

In the summer of 2020, I explored this abandoned Höntrop Hallenfreibad. Graffiti adorned the walls, each tag a whispered memory. As I stood on the edge of the diving platform, I imagined the exhilaration of past divers—their hearts racing as they plummeted into the depths.

Built 1970s
Abandoned 2012
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