Gasthof Gärtitz


Explore the abandoned ‘Gasthof Gärtitz’. The village Gärtitz is situated in the region of Saxony in Germany, 154 km south of the country’s capital Berlin. After more than 100 years, the old Inn was demolished in 2021. The Inn is also known as ‘Ballsaal Halligalli’.

Around 1900 this Inn was built in the small German village Gärtitz, near Döbeln. During this time, many inns, and theaters were built. It was a hotel, but also a place for socializing and entertainment for the locals. Later it was also used as the local train station restaurant and as a post office.


The dance hall was legendary in the area during the DDR era. Also, its architecture was very special for a village theater. The theater features a hall adorned with stucco, cast-iron columns, and an expansive garden. Notably, the ceiling’s unusual red and white striped design draws attention.

Die Wende

After the German reunification, or ‘Die Wende’, the building became vacant. The building had stood empty for many years and fell into disrepair. The curtains, once drawn back to reveal captivating worlds, now sag with resignation. Vines crawl up the walls, embracing the theater in a green embrace. Sunlight filters through shattered windows, casting ethereal patterns on the decaying floorboards.

Eventually, the Inn and theater were demolished in April 2021. I visited ‘Gasthof Gärtitz’ in 2020 during my trip through the former DDR. I wondered about the lives intertwined with this place. Who had found love here? Whose dreams had shattered like shards of glass?

Built 1900
Abandoned 1994
Demolished 2021