Freibad Kammerwoog

Abandoned: 2000

Visited: 2011

Idar Oberstein, Germany

This Freibad Kammerwoog was opened on July 16, 1960. The open-air swimming pool was built with funding of the German Armed Forces, the Ministry of Culture and the Rhineland Swimming Association. With more than 50,000 visitors a year, the pool has become a famous place. The pool processed river water and to create swimming water through various steps.

Highway B41

In 1966 the site was partly demolished, before it was almost twice as large, because of the expansion of Highway B41. A huge stone bridge was built in the pool domain.

The open-air pool was closed down by the city, it was too expensive to maintain two pools in one town. Plans for a new pool were made and Kammerwoog closed its doors. Today the old pool is surrounded by hills and water, it could only be reached by a bridge. Since the bridge has been demolished, the pool is taken over by nature.

Photos Freibad Kammerwoog

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