Gare de Hombourg

Built: 1895

Abandoned: 1962

Visited: 2007

Hombourg, Belgium

While the station began its new life as a restaurant, the trains, carriages and coaches still are in a bad state. What should be a museum track is now a rusty railway filled with plants and trees. The track was built in the early 1895. In 1940 during the WWII the station was added to the German tracks. It took some months before it could be used because the Belgium army blew the tunnel on this track. The station became the terminal of the line from Aachen. After the war it was again added to the Belgium tracks and the German signs were replaced again by the Belgium ones.


In 1957 the track was closed for passenger transport, the freight line was closed later in 1962. The tracks were demolished in 1992 and the station and the houses opposite of it got abandoned. In 1983 the station was sold. The tracks were rebuilt in 1999 by the present owner of the station, with the aim of running a tourist train and an railway museum.

Photos Gare de Hombourg

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