Château de la Motte en Gée


‘Château de la Motte en Gée’ is an abandoned castle in Tihange, Belgium. The castle was built in 1891 and was used for several purposes.

The first and original castle on this site was built around 1100 and was owned by a religious community. There were 12 priests living in this castle. In 1760 one of the high priests rebuilds the castle, spending more money than the monastery could afford. In 1768 the Prince-Bishop cancelled the authority of this priest. But with a pension of 1500 florins, he could stay at the castle. Just before the French revolution in 1768, the castle is sold to the Abbey of Saint Laurent. The next years several families bought the castle, but over the years the buildings fell more and more into decay.

Eventually in 1885 the original castle is demolished and a new castle is built by the de Lattre family on the old foundations. Some old walls and both of the two original fireplaces are saved and used in the newly built castle. In 1891 the Flemish renaissance styled castle is finally ready. This building made of red bricks stands in a large park of six hectares, surrounded by green.

Later in 1955 the castle is sold to health insurance fund Mutualités Libérales that uses it as a holiday camp. However since 1997 Edithe Van den Troost, the new owner, set up a hotel in the castle. Many guests were for walkers, cyclists and motorcyclists. The photos of ‘Château de la Motte en Gée’ were taken in 2011.

Built 1889
Abandoned 2005
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