Château de l’Ours


‘Château de l’Ours‘ was built in 1860 in the Napoleon III style. It was a hunting lodge owned by the Du Pont de Compiègne family.

The castle was built in two stages, first the central part in timber framing was built in 1860. Later the two side wings were added, the castle was completed in 1885. The south wing is also in timber framing, but they built the north wing in brick with plaster decoration. Inside, the central part has a paneled room, a wooden staircase with balusters and a room on the first floor with marble fireplace. Outside, the facade has a double gallery.

The Du Pont de Compiègne family, was a noble family. The most famous member was Victor de Compiègne, a French explorer. Eventually, the building was protected in 2000. Today the castle is private property and cannot be visited. But the buildings are in a very poor condition. I visited ‘Château de l’Ours‘ in 2017. More reports on abandoned castles can be found here.

Built 1860
Abandoned 1995