Brotfabrik und Lager Militärhandel


This is the ‘Brotfabrik’, an old abandoned military bakery in the German state Brandenburg. The site was built for the German army in 1936. After the Second World War, it was taken over by the Red Army. It was eventually abandoned in 1994, just after the reunification of Germany.

The first association of German tank troops was set up in this military city in 1933. As a result, many barracks, apartments, restaurants, and hotels were built in the years that followed. In 1937 also this army bakery was built as the ‘Heeresbäckerei und Heeresverpflegungsamt’.

At the end of the Second World War, on 20 April 1945, the Soviet troops took over the military area with almost no resistance. The old army bakery from the 1930s continued to operate. Meanwhile, the complex was renamed ‘Brotfabrik und Lager Militärhandel’.

Almost 80 thousand Soviet citizens lived in this military town. There were kindergartens, schools, hospitals, shops and, since the early 1970s, even a separate platform for daily direct train connections to Moscow. Later, after the reunification of East and West Germany, the Soviets instantly left the country. The city was left abandoned, so eventually also the bakery closed its doors in 1994. I visited the ‘Brotfabrik und Lager Militärhandel’ in 2020.

Built 1936
Abandoned 1994
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