Boerderij Veldonk


Explore Boerderij Veldonk, an old abandoned farm hidden in the bushes of a small city in Belgium. This farm has a rich history but has been left to decay for many years.

Boerderij Veldonk was once a bustling farm. The farmer who lived here took great care of the land and animals. Unfortunately, after the farmer passed away, his wife moved to a house for the elderly. With no one left to maintain it, the farm quickly fell into disrepair. Despite its dilapidated condition, Boerderij Veldonk still has a unique charm. Walking through the old rooms, you can almost feel the history. Personal items left behind by the former residents tell the story of a once vibrant life.

The old farm house is a perfect example of the kind of hidden gems that urban explorers seek. It offers a glimpse into the past and a chance to appreciate the beauty in decay.

I had the chance to visit this abandoned house in 2014 and again in 2017. Each visit revealed more about its sad state of decay. The roof is caving in, windows are broken, and nature is slowly taking over. Bushes and vines creep through the walls and floors, making it a hauntingly beautiful sight. You can see more reports of abandoned houses here.

Built ?
Abandoned 1999
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