Pyramiden Cafeteria

Built: 1948

Abandoned: 1998

Visited: 2018

Spitsbergen, Svalbard, Norway

After the Second World War, the Soviets allocated more money to this Russian mining settlement. They constructed dozens of new buildings, including this large cafeteria, complete with a giant mosaic depicting the Svalbard landscape populated by heroes of Norse legends. Svalbard is the name for the archipelago where Pyramiden can be found. The islands are part of Norway and are located in the Arctic Ocean, north of the Arctic Circle.

The Cafeteria was, like the rest of the town owned by the mining company. Besides a big dining room there is also a huge kitchen and several refrigerated rooms. Food was shipped to Pyramiden every year. But it also had its own farm and greenhouse. All food was free of charge from 1958.

Coal mining was discontinued in 1998. The mine and town were abandoned. The residents never returned, and today the town still stands much as it was when the last men departed.

Photos Pyramiden Cafeteria

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