Provinciale Normaalschool Tienen


The ‘Provinciale Normaalschool Tienen’, or in short PNT, was a government school for primary education, secondary education and teacher training. The school was owned by the province of Brabant in Tienen.

The construction of this school building in Tienen started in 1968. It took almost five years to complete this huge boarding school. The new school replaced the old buildings that couldn’t live up to the modern standard and also became too small for the number of pupils.

The boarding school was put into use in 1973, during a period in which many boarding schools closed down. But the Normaalschool was a popular one, many students were housed here. On weekends the school housed many athletes, for this reason the site around the school had several sport fields. But the sporters also could follow the lessons. In 1976 the national athletics games took place at the school sport fields.


In 1984, higher education in Tienen ceased to exist, so also the boarding school was closed. But the building was used by different organizations until 2006. In 2007, it was finally decided that the boarding school, located on a 6 hectare domain, will be demolished. According to the new plans, there are 249 apartments planned on the site. I visited the ‘Provinciale Normaalschool Tienen’ in 2013. Follow this link for more abandoned boarding schools.

Built 1973
Abandoned 2008
Demolished 2013