Vigognespinnerei Gebrüder Roth

Abandoned: 1994

Demolished: 2014

Visited: 2011

Werdau, Germany

I found this small company travelling through former East-Germany. The factory got abandoned in the early 1990s, after the fall of the iron curtain. The factory used to be a Vigognespinnerei. Vigogne is a blend of cotton and sheep’s wool used originally as an imitation of Vicuña wool. The wool is popular due to its warmth. Its properties come from the tiny scales on the hollow, air-filled fibres. The home of the Vigogne spinning mill is the industrially rich Saxony, where the two towns of Crimmitschau and Werdau produced around 30 million kilos of yarn each year.

The building was demolished in 2013, the smokestack was blasted in 2014.

Vigognespinnerei Gebrüder Roth

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