Steenbakkerij Wienerberger Steendorp

Abandoned: 2011

Visited: 2016

Steendorp, Belgium

The last owner of this brick yard in Steendorp was the Austrian company Wienerberger. They took over several Belgium brick works in the 1990s. Due to the bad economy they had to close down several factories including this one. In 1880 there were more than 100 brick yards along the canal near Steendorp. More than 1200 employees produced 90 million bricks a year. In the 2000s, this yard was the last active one along the canal.


After closing in 2011, Steenbakkerij Wienerberger was squatted by a motorcycle gang. But in 2016, the plans for demolishing of the buildings were made. The old smokestack will be saved and be a part of a new living quarter of the town.

Photos of Steenbakkerij Wienerberger

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