Schloss Olderhausen

Built: 1858

Abandoned: 1985

Visited: 2011

Olderhausen, Germany

The oldest part of this castle was built in 1858. In 1878 another wing was added. All these years the castle belonged to a wealthy family. Surrounding the castlegrounds was a big and beautiful garden. After the Second World War the castle was taken by the English army. Later Schloss Olderhaus was used as a sanatorium for lung patients. It was a hospital until the beginning of the seventies. From 1975 to 1985, Olderhausen was used as a home for disabled persons.

The building was left abandoned in 1985. The castle is in private property but nobody lived there ever since. Today it is becoming more and more a ruin. The building is not protected anymore, so it will probably be demolished, or it will demolish itself.

Photos Schloss Olderhausen

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