Sanatorium Délirium

Built: 1899

Abandoned: 1997

Visited: 2015


This sanatorium was built in 1899 by architect Belouet. Before the First World War, the site was a sanatorium for men, afterwards for women. During the First World War, the sick and the nursing staff were evacuated, and the sanatorium served as a military hospital to the various armies. The latest ones were the Americans.


A second pavilion for 164 patients is opened in 1928, Housing for medical staff is built in 1931. Patients can spend the day lying on chairs. General services are located in several buildings. They include dining halls, a kitchen, a laundry, the administration, the director office, stables and a morgue.

In August 1965 the sanatorium is transformed into a house for the elderly. In 1997 the buildings are abandoned.

Photos Sanatorium Délirium

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