Papierfabrik Ernstthal

Built: 1856

Abandoned: 1970

Visited: 2012

Ernstthal, Germany

This big paper factory ‘Papierfabrik Ernstthal’ was built in 1856 by architect Schmidt for two brothers who started a cloth business. A fire took the brothers out of business. Since 1897 a new owner produced ticket paper and wall paper. 30 years later the factory was took over by a new owner who started the production of cement bags. Papierfabrik Ernstthal produced at full capacity after the war, at the peak there were up to 900 employees working here. In those years the factory mainly produce cement and coal sacks. But also finished documents such as crepe paper, metallic foil papers, glass paper, laminated specialty papers. Some of the machines supplied 1200m paper per hour. The developed and produced padded envelopes still exists today.


Towards the end of the 1960s a Swedish company took over Papierfabrik Ernstthal. With the know-how and the brand name the Swedish didn’t need the factory anymore. The plant was closed in 1970 and the last 135 employees were send home. Some of the factory annex are used by several companies today. The main building is still abandoned for more than 40 years.

Photos Papierfabrik Ernstthal

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